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Zain Hashmi

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About Us

NORANEX Consulting is an immigration, education and visa consulting company operated by productive, high energy, competent and integrity powered professionals committed to the success of the people willing to travel, immigrate or study overseas.

About Zain Hashmi

Zain Hashmi is the President and CEO of NORANEX Consulting. He is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, authorized by the Government of Canada. He is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. He is also an authorized advisor to leading banks and financial institutions in Canada to help facilitate Investor class immigration applicants.

He is an MBA and has completed several educational programs in Canada including Canadian Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, Financial Management, and Investment Analysis. He has completed his diploma in the Immigration Consultant Program from York College, Toronto, Canada. He has attended several international conferences and seminars on Immigration and Services. Zain Hashmi shares his views on immigration and related subjects for public interest in different newspapers and magazines, as well as on radio stations and television channels.

Zain Hashmi believes in honesty, integrity and professional competence. He had the opportunity to learn in person from world-renowned mentors in the service industry. He has gained several years of education and practical experience from around the world and believes in continuous and ongoing improvement to serve better in this ever-changing world.

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